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Rickul Mosquito Repellent
Rickul "Mosquito Repellent" front viewRickul "Mosquito Repellent" back viewRickul "Mosquito Repellent" back view


Composition: Organic Polycondensate, Icaridin, Ethanol (3.02%), purified water & Fragrance

Usage: Spray Rickul Mosquito solution in your room or on exposed body parts before stepping out to create a protective layer that keeps mosquitoes away.

Benefits: This is the only Mosquito Repellent with 8-12 hours effect. Designed to fight most common Mosquito and small insects found on your surrounding such as; (are Aedes, Marsh Mosquitoes, Yellow Fever Mosquito, Asian Tiger Mosquito, Mansonia, Haemagogus and more). UV Protect (Factor 30). Light lavender fragrance. Keep you and your surroundings free of mosquitoes for longer periods. It can be used both indoor, outdoor and your exposed body as required. It's protect human against dengue, chikungunya and other deadly fever. It is absolutely deets free.

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